High-Reliability Supply Chain Management

At Qualitel, we deliver complete and high-reliability supply chain management that gives you peace of mind. We can source all components, materials, and services required to manufacture all of your products and sub-assemblies.

Qualitel's advanced supply chain management system predicts and minimizes parts risks. We monitor parts for obsolescence, fake parts, allocations, costs, and changes 6-month to 2 years in advance.


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    ERP and Automated purchasing

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    Managed materials constraints

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    Bonded inventory program

Qualitel’s automated ordering systems remove the additional cost and risk of placing weekly orders manually and ensure that all standard parts consistently meet demands. Our ERP system tracks each supplier to make sure they’re delivering all components on time, and just in time.

One you trust Qualitel to manage your products, Qualitel supply chain ensure that you are not shut-down due to shortages, allocation, or obsolescence. Qualitel ensured that your components are continually monitored quarterly and components are bonded and pipelined in advance to minimize your risk.