First Class Manufacturing

Delivering mission-critical PCB assemblies and box-builds to our customers requires first-class manufacturing capabilities. Qualitel has 2 buildings totaling 81,000 sqft of offices and ESD Static Controls and Tiles. Building A is focused on CCA (Circuit Card Assembly) and Building D contains our Box-Build and Shipping along with a separate entry for Qualitel Express and its 2 SMT lines. Our state-of-the-art facilities operate with multiple redundant types of equipment using new SMT, BGA Rework, X-ray, selective and manual soldering, and in-house conformal coating including, Parylene.

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Qualitel SMT Line Configurations
Qualitel Equipment List

Dedicated lines keep your project on schedule

Qualitel has dedicated prototype, NPI and production lines with identical equipment to guarantee a smooth transfer of projects at every step in the process and provide redundancy should any line go down. Your project is always our top priority. No conflicts. No delays. No excuses.

Each production line includes highly flexible Mydata SMT placement systems with quick-change Agilis feeders, 12-zone reflow ovens, 3D X-rays, 3D solder paste inspection AOI inspection and selective soldering systems to support mixed technologies.

State of the Art Facility & Equipment

High mix, low volume to high volume

Our manufacturing environment is set up to handle low to high volume. For low volume, we use specialized SMT equipment that can handle cut tape with barcode tracking. This helps minimize defects and recalls that are a risk as well as costs. With higher volume, Qualitel has 2 high-speed SMT Lines that delivers high-quality products quickly. This configuration allows greater flexibility depending on your needs for different products and volumes.

Come See For Yourself

Take a facility tour, meet the staff and learn more about our unique ability to manufacture your mission-critical PCB Assembly with the highest reliability so you can focus on other priorities.